Touch – A Lullaby

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Mountain of grey and black looms
Storm clouds gathering
Lightning strikes
The hurricane gusts
I see it in your eye
The troubles of the world
Flood ‘till the dam bursts
But sleep now, my love
Tomorrow is another day
I can’t promise skies of blue
Or free of freezing rain
But I can promise
I’ll be there
Right by your side
No matter how far away
I’ll reach over hill and field
My hand will cross the widest stream
To give you a gentle caress
So I ask you now to sleep
So you can feel my touch

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13 thoughts on “Touch – A Lullaby

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  2. prior..

    this is really nice! in my mind I added a line – like – the sleep will soothe
    the sleep will help you heal
    or pause and regroup – ha! because sleep does this so well
    but such a great piece T!
    and packed with love – loyalty – devotion – support – etc

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      That’s Y! Maybe one more line would be appropriate. I doubt if I’ll ever do a poetry book, but if I do I might add that last line.

      Totally unrelated, I used your travel mug for this week’s coffee and every liked it :)

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