I’m Not Here Right Now, But…



I’m not here right now, but if you want to leave a message, just start talking at the sound of the tone.  OK, the blog isn’t up to old school answering-machine level yet, but you can leave a message at the bottom ;)

Here’s a tone (this is actually my ring tone on my phone):

Anyway, I am traveling all week.  in fact, I didn’t just post this but scheduled it to be posted.  I couldn’t post it because I’m not here right now ;)

I’ll try to check in now and again and may even put up some posts.  I hope to do a weekly smile post at the very least!  I can view blogs and answer some comments on my phone, so I won’t be totally gone.

So, hey, I’ll be seeing you off and one this week!  Have a good one!

(below is a panel from my short story, “The Magic Wand“)

Magic Wand 4 (color)


14 thoughts on “I’m Not Here Right Now, But…

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