Cape Cod July 2016

sunset on Swan Pond

I didn’t take quite as many photos in July as I have previous years, but I think one or two of these are pretty good.

A few things – I took a lot of pictures of egrets, both snowy and great, but had zero come out.  Bummer.  The swans are more standoffish this year so I have fewer pictures of them.

On the plus side is the osprey.  I saw the oddest thing – an adult osprey sitting on the back of a newly fledged young osprey.  They were both making a racket.  When I got pretty close the adult flew away, but as I was passing it came back again.  Just after I passed by they both flew away.  I have no clue what was going on.  OK, a clue – every year I see adults beating up on newly fledged young birds.  I can only guess they are trying to get the young ones to fend for themselves.  usually it is a young one sitting in a tree or on a pole and the adult attacks making it fly away.   (Young = gold eyes, adult = yellow eyes)


Oh, my guess is these are the same osprey I photographed earlier since it was close to the nest (Photo below from June 25, 2016).



I hope you enjoy the photos!  As always, click on a photo to bring up more detail.  When you bring one up you can scroll through them all.  Enjoy! (All photos on or around Swan Pond/Swan River in Dennis and Dennis Post MA on Cape Cod.)


34 thoughts on “Cape Cod July 2016

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  3. Prior-2001

    Thanks for letting us know we can scroll after clicking one – the slide show was much more enjoyable than the grid – which was still nice –
    Anyhow – it must be tense to see the attacking – but i think you might be right about the “time to fly” hmmm

    Liked by 2 people

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      In the past a few times I’ve said that after you click a picture it becomes a slideshow and I think people click a picture, wait, nothing happens (i.e., no automatically going to the next slide) and so they give up. Being able to scroll does make it easier and you need to see them large to make sense of them.
      Since I see osprey child abuse every year, I think it is part of the fledgling process. Usually it’s a little one (with a 6 foot wing span!) sitting in a tree crying and an adult attacking it until it gets up and flies away. “Hey kid! get off your lazy bum and catch your own food!”

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Prior-2001

            Well I noticed that at log in on my phone there would sometimes be an “en” before the WordPress stuff as it redirected to log in – and that was when I usually had issues – but I make sure to not have that (and did a software update) and things feel smoother – ;)

            Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I think it is the parent trying to get the youngster to fend for itself. Eagles attacking osprey would be very impressive – they are both very big birds, but the eagles are more massive and have the large beak that could do some serious damage.



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