acknowledgment, an act of love

I’ve been trying to write a post about race in America for the past week but have just had a difficult time getting it right. I like the Sen. Scott video because he describes the problem very well and proves it is not a political issue, it’s a human and American issue. I figured I’d send you on a round-about way to the article and video, but make sure you take time to watch the video (also here!


9 thoughts on “acknowledgment, an act of love

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Yes, every life does matter. The saying isn’t “only black lives matter” or “black lives matter more.” The problem is, the institutionalized racism in this country makes it so black lives don’t matter as much as whites. They are still second class citizens at best -as this video shows, even a Senator is considered a second class citizen, guilty until proven innocent. For a white person to say “black lives matter” (which I didn’t in the post) means he or she thinks black people are their peers, their equals and shouldn’t be gunned down in the street like animals. No, violence is never the answer and that (unprintable) person who killed the police officers in Dallas is the exact opposite of what is needed, made even worse since the Dallas police is actually ahead of most major cities in race relations. Most people go along with their lives and don’t really understand, or want to understand, what goes on with other people and feel irate when unpleasantness is shoved in their faces. Well, there is a lot that is unpleasant out there and we all have to fight for try to get rid of it – there is a lot of racism, a lot of hatred, huge amounts of anger, even more anger than that, and it all leads to violence. Everyone needs to take some ownership of it before it will get better, and that even includes changes that need to be made in the African American community. Oh well, I won’t solve the country’s problems, will I? ;)

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            1. trentpmcd Post author

              There is a lot of xenophobia here too, so I’m sure you get some of that aimed at you. And as an immigrant you can observe us and see things a lot of people don’t and realize what’s happening – I’m sure it helps you see how much racism there is that many people here who have always lived with it miss.

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              1. nonsmokingladybug

                It’s the one thing I cannot understand. I come from a country were millions were killed because they were different. I would have sworn nothing like that could ever happen again and now I am watching it all in absolute disbelief.

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