The Art of Slaying a Dragon

St. George

“The art of slaying a dragon is an ancient practice known by few alive today.  I have been instructed in secret by he who last lay sword on said devil’s beast.  It is a grim business, aye, but one we have to understand.  Listen to the gory story of slaying beasts, monsters and dragons.”

George’s audience moved in closer as his tones grew darker and more hushed.

“Every worm has a soft spot,” he said.  “Every one has a vulnerability.  Only a fool rushes in, sword or spear in hand, and tries to take on such a mighty beast without knowing the brute’s secret Achilles’ Heel.  Only a fool.”

He was greeted with nods.

“For this one, this fowl creature, his weakness starts with the human female form.  Not just any female,this weakness is only susceptible to virgin girls,” he said.  “As such, we’ll use Eleanora as bait.  The fair damsel Eleanora should be able to draw the beast in and cast an enchantment over it.  You’re still a virgin, are you not, my dear?”

Ellen nodded.

“Good!  Eleanora will lure the dragon in.  We’ve already verified the effect she has on the cruel beast.  When the dragon becomes gentle and docile, Gregory, you throw the rope around his neck and tie it to your steed, got it?”

Greg nodded, but then asked, “Steed?  What steed?”

“Right,” said George.  “With the dragon bewitched by Eleanora and tied down by Gregory, I will come in and put my sword through the soft spot just under his left wing.  Any questions?”


“Yes mother?”

“What type of nonsense are you filling your brother and sister’s heads with?  Virgin indeed!  Ellen’s just four!  Does she even know what the word means?  I hope even Greg doesn’t know!”

“But mother, how else am I to live up to my namesake if I can’t slay a dragon?”

“And that’s another thing, if I hear so much as a whine or whimper out poor Trevor, your behind is grounded for a year!  Goldens’ are pretty understanding, but twine lassos and plastic swords are little too much for him, I think.”

“Ah mom, you ruin all of my fun!”

— — —

This little story was inspired by the picture I made for a piece of music I once composed.  I’ve posted it before, but here is the third movement of my symphonic poem, St. George and the Dragon.  It’s simply titled “St. George” and represents the good Saint as seen through 3th, 11th, 17th and 19th century eyes – yes, a composite, just like any story you read about him today.

If you don’t see the video there, go to

Here’s the post.


6 thoughts on “The Art of Slaying a Dragon

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m sure you do know a lot about dragon slaying in Wales. It’s great to see you, you’ve been amongst the missing for a while. I hope you’re doing well.


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