It doesn’t matter which Book you read or what you call the one true faith, when you take it to extremes it becomes pure evil. In a day when we need the healing touch more than ever I look around and see only hate and brutality. May the future be brighter.

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You read the words of love
Yet you see only hate
You’re told of compassion
As you slam the door in anger
For the sermon on tolerance
Is heard as exclusion
And the idea of mercy
Makes you the harshest judge
You shout a command to be humble
In terms both bold and mean
For the selfless words that were written
Polish your righteous sheen
You hear the message of brotherhood
From your barb-wired watchtower
And turn your other cheek
So you can load another round
The words of healing
Only put salt on your sore
You say the words of peace
As you beat the drums of war
You speak the words of love
To justify your hate
You know the words of love
Yet it all comes out as hate

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