Numbers – Some Stats – Return to 2014

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As some of you know, I’m a stats nerd.  Well, today marked a few stats “milestones”, so I thought I would share.

Today my blog has hit 40,000 views.  I’m very happy about that this since it is only possible the views have really picked up in early December.

The other big stats news is that today 2016 has surpassed 2014 in “views”.  I’m still just a little over half way to 2015 (53% of the way there), but passing 2014 this early is great.  I passed 2014 in “likes” almost 2 weeks ago (currently just under half way to 2015) and I passed 2014 in “comments” over a month ago (currently about 5/12 of 2015).  Unique visitors?  Well, I had almost as many visitors as views in 2014, so I’m still a little under 2/3 of 2014 but I’m well over half way to 2015.

2014 was my first full year of blogging and I was still getting the hang of it.  I had a lot of growing pains, yet a big chunk of the people I interacted with back then are still around.  Although some would consider me still a beginner, I feel I’m starting to hit my stride.  So yes, I’m happy that I’ve already done much better this year than 2014 and am pretty much were I was in July of 2015.

OK, enough nerding out about this stuff.  Back to the regularly scheduled program ;)

Yes, the picture at the top is how my blog looked in 2014.


13 thoughts on “Numbers – Some Stats – Return to 2014

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yes, Freshly Pressed does that to people. Also, you have taken more long breaks than I have. I find the more I post the more views I have. I know, that sounds obvious, but sometimes it takes three weeks to recover from three days off.

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  1. Rhio

    Congrats, that’s pretty awesome. I tend to monitor my likes, over views, just because I would get a tonne of views on my other blog, but I get more likes per post on average on this one. :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I like to look at all of the stats because I think each one says something different. Likes are very nice and so are comments. With comments it can mean that people are involved, but the high comment days are ones where I got into a conversation with someone, going back and forth.


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