It Happened Again



Smoke and blood
Photos on the news
Oh no, it happened again
Soon the chants of hate will begin
“I told you so,” will ring from the TV
Blanket statements about “all of them”
Anger, hate and fear will blind many
Small violences against the innocent
The cycle continues spiraling down
And it will happen again
Photos on the news
Smoke and blood

Our thoughts must first be with the  today’s victims. This is an awful event. That humans can commit such atrocities against other humans, commit the greatest imaginable blasphemy by doing it in the name of God, is just heartbreaking. I have hope in humanity, but there are these small minorities that cause such great harm far beyond their size. We must think of the victims.

Daesh (they are not a state, don’t call them one!) is a group that makes Al-Qaeda look like innocent boy scouts in comparison. They are evil by any definition. They must be stopped. But do not turn stopping Daesh into a war against the great majority of Muslims in the world!  Don’t spread hatred against a whole religion and all 1.1 billion or more people who practice it. And don’t blame the victims, the refugees.  The whole world needs to focus on this problem, but the problem has continued because the world community is squabbling amongst itself.  And so we continue to blame and hurt the wrong people, because it is easy. And when we do, some of these people feel put upon, hated, disaffected, disenfranchised and so go join the enemy. Hate breeds hate.  And it continues.

But those are thoughts for tomorrow. Today, let us remember the victims in Belgium and beyond, around the world, many who face this senseless violence every day.  My heart goes out to Brussels.


9 thoughts on “It Happened Again

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  2. Rhio

    It felt like there were two tragedies, the first one was the attack where poor people lost their lives, the second one was the attack online, where people used death to attack whole groups of people.
    I hope that the families of the victims can find some peace, despite their loved ones deaths used to further hatred, or political ideas.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      You’re right, in ways a double tragedy. It didn’t take long for the US politicians to exploit the attacks to try to further the ambitions. There is plenty to fear, but with how these people fear-monger I place them right beside the terrorists themselves.



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