A Smile A Day – Day 27 – Reflection

Swans in Mill Pond, Milford, MA

It’s that time of year again.  We all sit and look back at what the previous year brought us.  We look at what we achieved and where we failed.  We look at the good and bad.  New friends and the passing of friends and family.  We take stock in where we have been and we we are.

Over all 2015 was good to me.  I visited with family and made new friends.  Many of the friends I made are right here, in blogland, the blogsphere, or whatever this is called.  My job went well and I was in good health through most of the year.So all in all, a very good year.  Sometimes we do need to look back with rose-tinted glasses and concentrate on the good, but this is a time I don’t have to.

So I look back and smile.  Thank all of you for helping with that smile : )  I hope you’re smiling too.  Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “A Smile A Day – Day 27 – Reflection

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  2. Master of Something Yet

    Happy to hear that 2015 has been good to you, Trent. Long may it continue. :)

    I’ve had a couple of very full-on years and I can’t help thinking it might be time for a much quieter year but I suspect it wouldn’t take me long to start filling it with something…. :D

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! It sounds like you’ve had a very full year, most good except at the end…. I’m very sure that you couldn’t stay quiet for too long, that you’d quickly get involved in something else.

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          1. Master of Something Yet

            Had a check up with my GP the other day and the beauty is that he’s a sports medicine specialist so I came home with a plan for getting back into rowing (also running). He knows about rowing. One of the local private schools even has an eight named after him!
            It helps to have a solid plan to work with to get back out there doing stuff. :)

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