A Smile a Day – Day 26 – Coffee on the Beach


Yesterday started off with snow.  And then came the cold rain.  All day.  Miserable.  Wet. Cold.  Needless to say, I did not spend much time outside yesterday, preferring the relative warmth of the cottage.

Today is not the greatest day weather-wise.  It was cool and damp.  But anything would beat yesterday!  So I went out for a long walk on the beach, travel mug of coffee in hand.  And it was great!  Sure I ended up wading in the cold water, but who cares?  Pneumonia is temporary, memories last a lifetime ;)  I do so love walking on the beach no matter the time of year.  Laying in the sun on the beach?  Boring.  Walking?  That is for me!  Just thinking of this morning’s walk makes me smile :)

Oh, notice the dark clouds in the top picture?  Yeah, no rain, but it looked awful!  Photos are from my phone.



7 thoughts on “A Smile a Day – Day 26 – Coffee on the Beach

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      It is great! My “real” house in New Hampshire is also surrounded by beauty but in a very, very different way. Of course, no place natural is really ugly, is it? We just have to look around us with poet’s eyes and see the beauty. Photography helps – it forces us to focus on things we may have missed, to really SEE the world around us.


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