A Smile a Day – Day 11 – Deer


I was lying in bed last night when I noticed that the back lights came on.  They have a motion sensor and I’ve noticed that even a large dog like Fiyero doesn’t trip it.  Something big was out there.  I got up and sure enough, there were two deer.  The deer on Cape Cod are a little smaller than the deer up in new Hampshire.  Seems strange,but true.  I watched for a minute then tried to take a phone picture.  The results are, well, you can see for yourself at the top.

The last few winters there have been deer in our back yard in New Hampshire almost ever morning.  I can also hear them out in the woods at night.  I’ve written a few poems about them and have taken a couple of pictures (see below).


I have no idea why I love watching deer, but I do.  It makes me smile :)



21 thoughts on “A Smile a Day – Day 11 – Deer

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      1. trentpmcd Post author

        After this one I’m turning off my computer! I stopped for a minute before getting ready for bed. But I’m glad I was able to chat with you in this strange, fragmentary style! With your volunteer work and then your injury I haven’t seen much of you in a while. OK, I’ll look at the comment you just put up, then it’s time to go to bed ;)

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  2. Dale

    How could you not enjoy watching them! A couple of winters ago, Mick and I went for a walk up at my mother’s place and lo and behold there was a mini herd. We were just enthralled and I took a bunch of pictures…

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  3. Deb

    I love to watch them also. Especially when there is a herd of them in the field across the road from my house. Beautiful animals indeed. Just wish they would stay off the roads or at least only cross the road at the designated spots with signs that say “Deer Crossing”! 😏

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  4. Corina

    I think deer make everyone smile. It seems that way. I would love to have them in my back yard so I could watch them. Years ago, when my kids were little and before my divorce, we lived in a wooded area and there were often deer in the yard. The kids and I would watch them from inside the house. Very special creatures, those deer!

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