Mohr’s Circle (Music) (Throwback)

New Studio

I did a lot of experimentation with music back in the 1990s.  This was before my deep study of classical music.  My style ranged from very simple pop tunes to very complex pieces that where almost classical in complexity and scope.  Often, though, I did little experiments.  Sometimes these “test tunes” would be me playing with turning rhythms around & polyrhythms  or writing a simple pop tune that happened to have a 7 beat per measure time signature.  Or alternate between 4 beats and 5 beats per measure.

One of my favorite little tests was something my brother helped me name “Mohr’s Circle”.  In science and engineering Mohr’s Circle is used to create quick estimates of stress.  In Trent’s music, it’s a funny, circular piece that may cause some stress to a few listeners.  Hopefully not ;)

Here is the original version.

A few years later, around 2001 or 2002, I started playing with virtual instruments.  That is synthesizers that exist as software only.  As one of my first tests with virtual instruments I made a new version of Mohr’s Circle and added a solo.  The solo was, of course, played live over the computer played part.  It’s a little different, a little fuller.  It’s up to you to say if it’s better.

Anyway, a blast from my musical past.  I hope you enjoyed!


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