Cape Cod – Late Summer 2015 – Photos

We spent a little over a week down on Cape Cod at the end of August and into September.  We were joined by my parents for a big chunk of it.  I haven’t been posting many pictures here lately, so I decided to go through the 500 or so pictures from the week and put a little something up.

Late summer is a great time to watch for osprey because the young are fledgling.  There have been times I’ve seen as many as six at once.  This young guy was watching me as I kayaked below him.



There’s a bit of woods and salt water marshes less than a mile from my cottage.   It’s a fantastic place to walk, so my parents and I went there pretty much every afternoon.  My mom really liked one of the places in the woods, so here is a quick shot of that spot with my parents as size reference.  Note – for the most part the trees don’t grow as tall in the sandy soil of Cape Cod as other places, but these seem very slim and tall.



One morning on the beach we saw two great blue herons and four great egrets.  The tide was out so we were pretty far from “shore”  I don’t think I’ve ever seen these birds out on the low tide flats before.

Great Blue Heron on the beach

Great Blue Heron on the beach

The two pictures in the woods and the picture of the swans are from Harwich, all of others were taken in Dennis.  The beach pictures were taken on Chapin Beach.  Yes, we saw seals off of Chapin Beach!

Anyway, as always if you click on a picture you can get much better detail and see the “slide-show”


22 thoughts on “Cape Cod – Late Summer 2015 – Photos

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I’m on Cape Cod right now. I’m not sure if I’m getting as many good pictures, but having my camera with me makes me pay attention to my surroundings. If any of the photos inspire a drawing, steal away!

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          They are so fun to watch. I haven’t gotten any good shots of one diving into the water, but I’ve had them hit the water 5 meters/yards from my kayak – very impressive!



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