It's How I feel Sometimes

It’s How I feel Sometimes

Yesterday I put up the 500th post on Trent’s World (the Blog)! Of course I can’t say I’ve had 500 original posts since I’ve done quite a few reposts. But still, 500! I made a big deal at 100 and had a major 200 post post, but after that I lost interest.

I’m not going to take the time to do a complete tally of types of posts, but I do want to talk a little bit about what the 500 posts are about.

One thing that I’m proud of is that, with a few exceptions, I have posted a new original short story every week for a year and a half. I haven’t counted lately, but I have put up between 70 and 80 short stories that range anywhere from 200 to 4000 words with the average being around a thousand. I’ll admit that not all of the stories have been of the highest quality, but there are some that I think are pretty good. Some of my top posts as far as views, likes and comments were short stories.

After short stories, the next highest post count would have to be original poetry. I haven’t tried counting, but there have been quite a few. I know I am not a great poet. Some of my poems have resonated with people, some have fallen flat. Some I read and say, “Why did I post that?” Others I reread and think “wow!” Good or bad, I will continue to put out new poems. Hopefully by practicing I will improve.

Images come next. I’ve done quite a few posts just about photos and a few about drawing and/or painting. Many of the photo posts have been pictures taken on Cape Cod. Besides the pictures as a post, I use an original image on every post I make, sometimes drawn just for that post.

I started participating in the Saturday Coffee Share last year and made it a weekly feature early this year. It is my chance to just chat about life, though I also use it as a weekly recap of blogging. These are consistently my most popular posts.

I have put up a lot of posts about music, perhaps even more than the coffee share posts. Lately I’ve been including videos.

One thing I wanted to do from the beginning of my blog is to talk about the creative process. Since I started the blog with the idea of it being an author’s blog (though my book is still unpublished) most of the creative process type posts refer to writing methods and techniques. Some, though, are more general, and even the writing posts usually mention at least one other creative pursuit.

This year I started participating in the 1000 Voice Speak for Compassion movement. This is a topic I am very passionate about. If I can help spread the ideas of the movement I’d be very happy.

Then there are the other posts. I’ve written a few “creative nonfiction” pieces, several book and CD reviews, a kayak review (still gets more hits than any other post) and other assorted and miscellaneous posts.    Quite a few different topics have been written about and discussed.

So, those are the 500. What are your favorite types of posts?


19 thoughts on “500!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! And yes, you should start writing short stories again. I think I’ll have to bring up your story writing the next time the Fire Queen makes an appearance on your blog. I’ve been trying to think of a question for her, now I have one…

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Sonya! Yes, there is something about boxers, isn’t there? And even though I’m not a professional like you, it is always fun seeing what other photographers are doing.



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