Riders on the Sand

Horse rider

The grotesque shape began to emerge from the dune. The mist of its breath blotted out the sky. Toby was lost in the heavy fog, shrouded in its silence. The monster must be close, its poison breath filling the air. Were the swirls of color real or hallucinations caused by the monstrous vapors?

A shaft of light entered Toby’s world. The fog began to part, first a narrow causeway, widening across the beach. He saw them, the four riders. Three grey elfish warriors following the flaming wizard on his great black horse.

As the fog dissipated the poison left his body. A fresh breeze cleared beach and mind. The monster withdrew once again. He was saved.

What a morning! Having a low tide at dawn on a Saturday was always a special treat, but the weather was just fabulous. The horses loved to stretch out on the hard sands of the tidal flats. They were all good riders and were just great companions. Such a fabulous day, the sights, the sounds and the smells, everything was perfect.

Well, almost everything.

That guy who came running out at them screaming something about being saved from the beach monster. Lunatic.

Still, over all one couldn’t ask for a better start to the day.


Flash fiction inspired by a photo I took at New Years on Chapins Beach, Dennis, MA.


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