Simply Apple

Fresh and free
Simple not haughty
A proof that good taste
Does not mean gaudy
A treat for body, mind and soul
You help to keep me alive and whole

To say you’re the apple of my eye
Might be a cliché
But a word from you
Will keep the doctor away

Fresh and free
Simple not snooty
Nothing  need added
To bring out your beauty
A treat for all of me, every part
For that I love you from my deepest heart


15 thoughts on “Apple

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yes, Zee, but it can also be read as a metaphor – you can read it that I’m telling my love that she’s like in apple in all of the good ways – simple, beautiful and nourishing to my soul.


      1. prior

        this is brilliant T! I missed so many of your posts this year – but glad to have caught this one – even if late ;)! I just loved it for the awesome way you wrote about a very under appreciated fruit that is a gift to health – and after reading your reply to zee – well I see the metaphor! well done creative one. ttyl 🍕

        Liked by 1 person


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