The Slowdown, Part II :)

Osprey up close

Osprey up close

Sometimes life gets in the way.  Other times, you just need to live your life.  Right now I’m someplace between these two points – I have a lot going on in my “real” life and well, the more I’m doing “out here” the more I want to do.  What this means is I don’t have time to read blogs.  I might be able to sneak one or two in on occasion, but if you don’t see a like or a comment from me for a few weeks, well, you aren’t alone.  I’m also not going to post much.  I may do some reposting of some of my favorites, which I have been doing.  I may also put up a few short posts.  It’s possible I’ll put up a short story or poem.  Just don’t look for something every day.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a great week!  Up here in Northern New England it’s been gorgeous.

12 thoughts on “The Slowdown, Part II :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I don’t see many posts by you so I hope you are enjoying life! This is one of my favorites – the camera made a noise and he (or she) looked down to see what made the noise

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  2. alienorajt

    I think we all need to step back from blogging from time to time, Trent, and remind ourselves that there is a real world out there too! This is something I am very bad at doing! xx

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