And I Cry for the Victims


As John and Paul said
“I read the news today, Oh Boy”
And I cry for the victims
But life goes on

I can’t stop and help everyone I meet
I can’t spare a dime
For every bum on the street
When reading the news
I can’t bare the emotional heat
And take on the world’s problems
As a phenomenal feat
Yet.. yet… and yet I do feel
I feel for the people I meet

I’d rather be dead than cold
And I cry for the victims


10 thoughts on “And I Cry for the Victims

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      WP often doesn’t tell me when there are new comments – sorry I missed this. I agree with you that all humans have some type of connection so when something bad happens to people, even strangers, it effects us. So I say, you do not feel too much for strangers, those people feel too little.

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