St. George Again ;)

St. George

Sometimes I feel like a stupid American ;)  It was only a week and a half ago I posted a new video.  Why is that stupid?  Well, the video was “St. George”.  You see, being an American I had no idea I was putting up my St. George video a week and a half early.

While all of my British readers snicker, I’ll say something to my American readers.  In much of the world today is St. George’s Day.  It’s actually celebrated all over the world but in the English speaking world the British seem to hold the biggest celebrations in a tradition that goes back to the seventh century and possibly earlier.

I have no time to write a post today, but I wanted to put my St. George picture back up for those who are celebrating today.  And if you want to see my video for my music St. George, click here – video “St. George and the Dragon III – St. George”.

I hope you all have a great day, be it St. George’s Day or just plain Thursday.


5 thoughts on “St. George Again ;)

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  2. idiotwriter

    hahaha! How was one to know right? ;) I did that sort of with poetry day. When it was NATIONAL poetry day, I thought it was international poetry day. Ag well – any day is poetry day I suppose. Specially here on wordpress! lol


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yesterday was also the day Shakespeare died and April 26 is his birthday. Last year I introduced my “Hamlet Symphony” on 21 April – 2 days before the “death” date and 5 before the birth date! What was worse is last year was his 450th birthday! I went back and made a small note saying of course I knew and put this up as an early celebration ;)



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