Selma +50 – the Dreamers and the Dream


Just a quick thought.  I was looking at this AP photo on the BBC site.  The caption mentioned that some of the people marching were beaten 50 years ago.  They were beaten because they wanted to vote.  Do you think any of them would have dreamed they would some day march the same route with an African American president that they help elect?  No matter your politics, this is a great, historic picture.  In this picture you have those who dared to dream and there with them, holding their hands, is the product of their dreams.

We in America still have a long way to go.  Anyone who doesn’t think racism is still a major force here either has their head in the sand or has been brainwashed.   Yet, despite all of our issues, this photo proves how far we have come.

May it be less than another 50 years before there is true equality for all people.  May I live to see real equality for all men and women, of all races, religions, sexual preference and anything I’ve missed.  I’m dreaming for equality for all people.  They dared to dream.  Now it’s our turn.

AP photo found on BBC web site


10 thoughts on “Selma +50 – the Dreamers and the Dream

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  2. M-R

    Right on, Trent ! – I agree with every word, for the same applies to us. We’re still as racist as we were that many years ago. And look who we’ve got to lead us. No – strike that: don’t.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      There are a lot of similarities between our countries. I guess it’s a combination of the British as colonizer mixed with the outsider origins. So we have some of the same good points but, unfortunately, some of the bad.

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  3. Corina

    Dreams do come true. I think that’s the message we need to hang on to. I’m not a fan (or adversary) of President Obama but I wept with joy when he was elected. Joy for the lengths our country has traveled and joy for the dreams realized with his election. And yes, joy for the hope of what it might all mean for our country’s future. You’re very right about racism in America. We live it every day. If we don’t see it, it’s because we’ve taken it as the norm because it has always existed in our lifetime. But it’s there. As an American of Mexican descent, I see it every day. I see it toward me. I see it toward my grandchildren. It breaks my heart that we haven’t fixed this in our generation so that our grandchildren don’t have to go through it. Perhaps we can still solve it while my grandchildren can benefit from and enjoy it.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m sorry you have to face racism at all, and it’s awful it’s on a daily basis. It’s just so ingrained in some people, people who don’t consider themselves racist. So we must do the marchers at Selma a favor and keep their dream alive. Maybe your dream for your grand children can come true in your lifetime.

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  4. aladywrites4u

    It is a magnificent photo and one of the better things President Obama has done. I think he really needed the warm fuzzy just now and I’m glad to see it. Our president is not African American, though, he is of mixed race.

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