“Come Laughing” – Review


OK, I have a couple of confessions to make. First, yes I have read erotica. Second, actually, I really haven’t read a lot of it. What I’ve read has been along the lines of short stories, or a long story divided into short episodes, that are amorous in nature and designed to make the reader want to participate in adult behavior. Since this is a family friendly blog, or at least I pretend it is, I’ll just say that by “adult behavior” I do not mean taking responsibility, paying bills or raising kids. Well, for that last one you could say I mean the initial prerequisite to raising kids, at least if you want them to have your genetic material. But those others, no, by “adult behavior” I meant something else entirely. That is, erotica may be for mature audiences, but they need not be that mature.

I decided to read Alienora Taylor’s book “Come Laughing”, a book that may be described as erotica of a mirthful nature. This book consists of 69 pieces of humor of a sexual bent. I say “pieces” not only because “piece” is a bit of a double entendre, but because the book is comprised of various articles, essays, editorials, flashes of memories, short works of fiction, fantasies and at least one poem. They cover a variety of subjects from sexuality as you age to sex education to, well, just talking about that favorite subject in all of its positions and permutations.

There is at least a spark of humor in all of the pieces and much more than a spark in most. In some ways the humor is in Ms. Taylor’s voice. She has a way of saying things. I mentioned “double entendre” in the last paragraph? You’ll see plenty of those, along with plays on words of various sorts, every euphemism you’ve heard of plus many you’ve never heard before and just no-holds-barred, frank language about a subject that is usually talked about in whispers or innuendoes. Not that she skips those and other subtleties, but for the most part, and there are lots of body parts, the language is in your face.

The book can get graphic, but there are no detailed descriptions of the actual act itself as you often find in erotica. Hmm, well, maybe there are some few descriptions about the mechanics of it all, but not what I’ve seen in other works of erotica. It is not a place you’d stop for step-by-step instructions.   Well, maybe instructions in words and language or if you are having problems laughing and need a to be primed to start again.

So, does it succeed? It is funny, at times very funny. As far as making me want to participate in adult activities? It held my interest and didn’t make me say, “You know, a more exciting time might be had by preparing my taxes.” However, it may be just me, but it didn’t make me want to fulfill that prerequisite needed to start a family either. I’m not saying I never felt a tingle of warmth in certain parts of my anatomy for which Ms. Taylor has about 3524 euphemisms, no, it’s just that it was by far a much smaller secondary reaction when compared to the humor, and yes, it was rarely more than just a tingle of warmth. Another thought I had while reading the book is that it’s not something most people would want to take off the shelf and read cover to cover. Although I did read it cover to cover on my Kindle, I think it would be best in paperback form as something you’d pick up, randomly chose a page, and start reading. The pieces are short and sweet; that is sweet, savory, salty, saucy, spicy, etc.

“Come Laughing” is an entertaining book. Ms. Taylor’s words and wit make it a very fun read. If you aren’t easily offended by sometimes frank and occasionally graphic discussion of taboo subjects then you should enjoy the book. If you are offended, I have to ask why’d read this far into the review? You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

You can find the book on Amazon here.



5 thoughts on ““Come Laughing” – Review

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  2. alienorajt

    Fabulous, Trent – a very fair, and funny, review. Thank you so much for both reading the book and setting your thoughts down so eloquently. You are a STAR! Ali x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      You’re welcome Ali. My main thought with the review was to ensure people know what the book really is. Saying “humorous erotica” might give the wrong idea which might cause disappointment if they’re expecting something completely different. Anyway, I’m glad you liked my little review. I don’t know if you saw, but I did a slightly shorter version of this on Amazon.


      1. alienorajt

        Oh that is so lovely of you, Trent – I’ll go and have a look. I have reblogged the review so loads of people see it – hope you don’t mind. x

        Liked by 1 person


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