If We Were Having Coffee on the 20th of January

Coffee in NH with Moog

Good Morning!  Welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a nice large mug of strong Sumatra Roast.  I can get you a cuppa tea (wide variety of black, green, white and herbal), a mug of cocoa, some bourbon, or other morning appropriate beverage.  It’s an odd day out there.  It will get quite warm later.  I hope the deep, deep cold is done for the winter!  I don’t mind “average” winter weather of  cold (not frigid) nights and a little above freezing during the day.  And then these days that are warm?  They are welcome!  The cold earlier was brutal.  So were are we?  Some of you may recognize that picture as coming from McDonald’s Pub, Co. Mayo, Ireland New Hampshire.

An odd week.  It began with a day off.  Funny, but I did not get as much done over the weekend as I expected.  I did a lot, but don’t ask me what.  And then I had planned on driving down to Cape Cod on Wednesday, but they were predicting a large storm, so I decided to stay home (thus another NH coffee share).  We did get some snow (about 5″/13 cm), which I was able to clean up without too much of a problem.  Not a large storm. Continue reading


Book Review: The Fireborn by Trent McDonald

A review of The Fireborn from Lance Greenfield. Don’t just look at the rating, read the review ;) (Lance just added a star, so don’t look below….  It is a very good review)

Write to Inspire

The FirebornThe Fireborn by Trent McDonald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a great story, taking the Arthurian legend into the modern day. The events are delightfully unbelievable, yet they spin together well and the flow and logic is excellent. That is what such fantasy should be all about, and the author is very inventive.

I loved the various levels of baddies, from fireborn, who are naked, blue, resurrected zombies, to the ‘berserkers’ or ‘goonies’, to the regulars, who are drug-induced, stop-at-nothing, fireborn facsimilies. They are all dangerous, but can be tackled in various ways.

The intuitive consultant, who know more than even he thinks, is the main protagonist, Elliot Everett-Jones. His brother features heavily, although not heavily enough in my opinion, and there is much conflict between the pair.

There are many parallels between the contemporary characters and those of Arthurian legend. This makes for an enjoyable read.

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Idina – Superhero!

(sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff)

Come on Idina!  Let’s go!

(sniff, sniff, sniff)

Come on!  I have to get back.  I’m working today.

(sniff, sniff)

Idina, now!  I can only be away for a minute.  I’m technically at work.

(sniff.  So am I.  sniff)

Come on, I have to prepare for an important meeting!

(sniff, sniff.  This is more important! sniff)

I’m earning money for kibble.  What’s more important than kibble?

(sniff, sniff.  I’m protecting us.  I’m saving us from harm. sniff)

Come on, Idina!  You’ve been sniffing those tracks for five minutes now!

(sniff, sniff.  This is very important!  I may be saving the world. sniff)

Idian, now!

(sniff, sniff.  World, nothing.  I’m making the Universe a safer place!  Nothing is more important.  Ouch.  Why did you have to tug so hard?)

Come on, Idina!

(OK, OK, I guess the Universe can take care of itself for a couple of hours while you’re working. )

True story.  or so it would seem from her body language ;)


Yeah, a Repeat – Free!

Fireborn Cover

In the shadowy area where myth and history collide….

Yes, I just posted this!  But it was before the “Free-sale” began.  So here it is again.

I really like my book, The Fireborn (of course I do: I wouldn’t put it out if I didn’t).  I think the premise is clever, and it’s a fun read.  At least I hope it is! So, yeah, I like it.

That being said…   The more I work on The Halley Branch, the more I think it is over all a better book.  Maybe a much, much better book.  Much, much, much better. Continue reading

This or That? Blurbs


During my short break from editing The Halley Branch I have been throwing around blurbs and right now am stuck.  Yes, I can be a bit indecisive at times.  Don’t worry, I will eventually decided between the different variations I’ve come up with, but I wanted to ask your opinion.

I have one, with some slight variations, that uses a “tag line”.  That’s a little line at the beginning of the blurb that sums it up.  For instance, all of my posts on The Fireborn start with “In the shadowy area where myth and history collide“.  It is on the back cover as part of the blurb using a different color font.

I am going to put up the original version of the blurb with the tag line, since this is as far from the other I will post as possible (I have some inbetweenies…) Continue reading

Distant #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

My father used to tell me that the stones in the small circle at the edge of the farm were the tolls that Gandalf turned to stone in Bilbo’s great adventure, and that the distant peaks were really the Misty Mountains.  I spent much of my youth tromping around looking for the troll’s hidden gold and running off to find Rivendell.  I am sure that this is what sparked my wanderlust.

I left home as soon as I was old enough and didn’t look back.  “The road goes ever on” I would say as I started each new journey.  I never tired of seeing a new vista, or an old one from a new angle.  The world is a magical place and I always have expected to discover a hidden valley were the elves still lived.

I once tried to settle down and I had a family, but when the road called, I was forced to leave them behind. Continue reading

The Fireborn Sacrifice ;)

Fireborn Cover

In the shadowy area where myth and history collide….

I really like my book, The Fireborn (of course).  It’s a fun read and, I hope, a clever idea.

That said…   The more I work on The Halley Branch, the more I think it is over all a better book.  Maybe a much, much better book.  Continue reading

Summer of ’71


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

It was the greatest summer of our young lives, wasn’t it?  Riding our bikes into town every sunny day, reading comic books when it rained.  Swimming, laughing and playing the days away.

Remember going to Cedar Point?  We rode every attraction possible.  We weren’t tall enough for the big coasters yet, but made ourselves sick on the spinning rides and cotton candy.

I was surprised when I received the envelope from Marge and this photo fell out.

And then I saw her note.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to say goodbye, but we will always have the summer of ’71.

— — —

Word count = 100

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo provided by © J Hardy Carroll.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky“.

Note – Cedar Point is a large amusement park in northern Ohio.  Back in the 70s it was more of a local and regional favorite, but now is known all over for its roller coasters.

To for Tanka #tanka

Please perform it, Sam
She can take it, so can I
You know what I mean
Here is looking at you, kid
We will always have Paris

We assume the roles
Act the parts we think are real
To hide our true selves
But sometimes I think I know
The real you behind those eyes

OK, a two fer one deal.  Play some of the old songs.  Play it, Sam.  Hmm, but I can’t say “Play”, now can I?  OK, so I did something a little more serious.  Maybe.

These was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Play” and “Guess”.  Following her suggestion, I didn’t use the words, I used only synonyms.

When It Is All Said and Done

Another Red Day

I thought I saw Vick today.  It would be so strange if really was him.  I’d like to talk to Vick, ask him what he thinks now.  A lot has changed in the three years since I last saw him.

Only three years?  Really, that’s all it was?  It just seems a life time ago.  I have become set in my routines, as we all have.  It’s just, well, it’s hard to imagine what the world was like back then.  After I saw the man I thought was Vick, I did think about it and remembered that conversation.  Or perhaps it was a lecture.  Maybe a sermon.  Hell, Vick was pretty charismatic and could have drawn a crowd if he were reading a dictionary.

We were in the little pub where the locals all met.  And there was Vick, shooting his mouth off, as usual.  But this time, the looks in people’s eyes were very different.

“It isn’t so bad, you know,” Vick said.  “In fact, it is for the best.  You’ll see.  When all is said and done, this will end up being a good thing.  We’ll see a much better, fairer world.  Hell, I guess I said that wrong, because few if any of us will see the benefits, but our kids and grandkids will.”

There was a silence.  Ted had turned down the TV so everyone could hear Vick.  As usual for this time of day, the news had spouted off the grim statistics and the dire warnings.  They paraded experts through and they all predicted gloom and doom.  What did Vick know that they didn’t? Continue reading