Photos of Cape Cod, Mid May


Swan grooming itselfI always post a lot of photos from Cape Cod, and have done a late April post every year.  I wasn’t 100% happy with my late April photos this year, but I am a bit happier with the ones I took in mid May.

Last Monday I put up a post of waterfalls and mentioned a new camera.  These shots are the first shots I took on Cape Cod with the new camera. Continue reading

Science – A Rant

Purgatory Brook

I was out for a run the other day.  I am very consciences and traffic conscious when I run.  I obey all laws and run facing the traffic.  Even though the road was wide and there was clearly nobody coming the other way, a big pickup truck slowed down as it approached.  It kept one tire right at the edge of the road, but luckily there was driveway a little ahead and I sprinted into it.  Someone screamed obscenities at me as the truck passed.  They hit the accelerator, leaving a huge black cloud of diesel fumes.  It wasn’t until later that I realized that I was wearing my “Science is not a Liberal Conspiracy” t-shirt.  I’ve had it happen before. Continue reading

Invitation – The Old Mill


(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Amy and Jessica (Part 2).  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

I had just finished my dinner and was trying to decide how I’d handle the evening when I heard a loud knock on the door.  Walking to the front of the house I couldn’t see anybody in the drive or parked on the road.  Nobody had driven away either.  I assumed that whoever had knocked must have walked to the house.

I stood for a minute, looking out the window, but there was nothing.  As soon as I turned my back on the door, the knock came again.  I spun around and opened it, yet there was nobody on the doorstep or any place else that I could see.  I walked onto the porch and then down to the drive.  I looked around.  Not a living soul was around.

Going back into the house I discovered a card on the porch by the door. I picked it up and read it. Continue reading

I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile 72 Reminder

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

I so often have as my smile or smile reminder “spent the weekend on Cape Cod”.  You know, sometimes I get just as big of a smile for “I spent the weekend in New Hampshire”.  Yesterday was a case in point.

It was pleasantly cool after the extreme heat earlier in the week.  I went running, I mowed most of the yard, I took the dogs for several walks, I did some arranging and “puttering” around the house, and other such “normal” things.  But it’s great!  Sometimes I forget how nice it is just to do things around the house.  It feels good.  And then when it is spring, cool but not cold, sunny, etc.  Ah, life is good! Continue reading

If We Were Having Coffee on the 20th of May

Moog and Morning Coffee

Hello and Welcome!  Come on in and I’ll get you a nice mug of super strong French Roast, a cuppa tea or some other beverage.  After weeks of odd weather, it is perfect today!  It had been cold and wet for a few weeks, and then this week it turned hot, like 95 F/35 C.  Today and for the next few days, it will be nice and comfortable with cold nights – great for sleeping!  Not that I slept well last night, but that’s another story for another time.  Anyway, where am I?  By the photo at the top you may guess that I am in New Hampshire this weekend.

So, work was ultra-busy.  Enough said ;)  OK, just a few words.  In ways, being busy is better than bored.  And at least I have work, and a very good job at that.  And it is challenging and I have to continue to grow and stretch myself.  What happens to people as the age if work no longer challenges or stretches them, make them grow?  Does their mind atrophy?  Their work muscles shrivel?   Hmmm.  I don’t want to find out… Continue reading

Goodreads Review of Seasons of Imagination


A couple of weeks ago I received a great review for Seasons of Imagination on Goodreads and I totally forgot to put up a post to brag about it to let you know about it.  the review came from Carol Masciola, whose book The Yearbook (in my words, a YA time travel romance with a physiological edge) I reviewed last November. Continue reading

Amy and Jessica (Part 2)


(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Amy and Jessica (Part 1).  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

Friday wasn’t as good of a day as Thursday, but, well, it was Friday.  Then again, I really wasn’t sure what I’d do with myself over the weekend without Lyndsey.  There was a part of me that wanted to go home, go to sleep, and wake up on Sunday evening when she called.  But a bigger part of me just wanted to go home and putter around the house.  I didn’t have many weeks in the office that were quite as long and I was tired.

Jessica was waiting for me, as expected.

“Hi Jessica, how are you today?”

“All right, I guess.”  She frowned.  She didn’t look alright.

“Have you been waiting long?  I’m sorry, the traffic was awful.  You know, Friday and the weekend looks nice for a change.” Continue reading

Inside Out #writephoto


Photo by Sue Vincent

After working with the raw materials of life in the charnel houses, I discovered that there was more to the state of being alive than the simple physical constructs of bones, tissue and organ.  However, try as I might, I could not place it.  Modern science had not given me the secret and my instruments did not give me the power to look deeply enough to discover this secret.

It may seem obvious to the normal person that once a spark of life is created from a seed, be it the seed of a vegetable or the seed of an animal, the growth of that life is somehow predestine.  Each and every one is unique and it is impossible to mix and match between species, let alone members within a given species.  What is this germ of an idea that makes each life and individual?  I am a man of science and say it must exist in the structure of the matter, not just a God-given trait.  There has to be a scientific explanation for how this process works.

Yet science failed me. Continue reading



PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

It stuck out, an old railcar pushed into a corner of town long after the trains had stopped running.  Back in the day, shiny chrome welcomed day trippers from Boston, but it had turned dingy and grey.

An old woman, the original owner, a perpetual cigarette hanging from her lip, served me.  The coffee was bitter, the eggs greasy and the toast older than the diner.  The next youngest customer had half a century on me.

I never returned.

I passed the empty lot today.  What the health-inspector found came back.  It’s been 20 years and I still felt nauseous.

Continue reading

The Weekly Smile 72 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

There was quite a bit to smile about this week.  It was ultra busy, though, so I had little time to think about those smiles.  Of course this was also a very strange week, particularly those who read the news and/or follow US politics.  Uhm, with all that is happening in the world and all that is happening at work (a huge amount), I have a hard time thinking of my life away from the news or work.  So I will pick an easy smile. Continue reading